How does iPool work?

iPool lets you provide your music to your media and business partners around the world over the Internet. It’s fast, easy, secure, eco-friendly and saves money.

Give radio stations, journalists, licensees, DJs, and other music professionals convenient and fast access to your music.

iPool is a web-based software you can access from any computer connected to the Internet – wherever you are and whenever you choose. It only takes a few easy steps to make your music available worldwide to your media and business partners for listening and downloading:


Import or invite contacts

Quickly and easily import your existing contacts. iPool supports importing from a large number of popular programs, as well as from Excel and CSV files, e-mail address lists, and your clipboard using copy and paste. More »

Or you can simply invite your media and business partners to register online for access to your iPool.


Upload media files

Rapidly upload your music tracks, cover images, press photos, video clips, booklets, biographies, and much more to your iPool. Do this conveniently with your browser, Windows Explorer, or an FTP program such as FileZilla or Cyberduck.


Send promos to target groups

Decide which groups will get access to a release and the related rights they should enjoy: view, preview, download. Once you do that, your tracks and media files will be available immediately to your chosen recipients for previewing and downloading via browser, podcast or FTP.

Watermark protection

If you wish, you can have iPool embed a unique watermark in each downloaded MP3 file. This feature lets you identify the source of any unauthorized distribution right away.


Notify recipients

A few clicks are all it takes to send thousands of personalized e-mails to your media and business partners and let them know about your music.

Your recipients only need to click “Open this promo” in the newsletter. The release will open immediately in the browser. All the relevant actions will then be available: preview, download, submit feedback, and many more.

To give your music added protection, you can also send newsletters that require recipients to log in before they can access the release.


Track and evaluate reactions

Comprehensive analysis tools will help you gauge the success of your promotional campaigns. With them you can see who viewed, listened to, or downloaded which releases and when. You can also access statistical analyses of user reactions at any time.


With iPool you can do much, much more.

Your recipients can, for example, easily and directly rate your releases online. iPool stores this feedback and, at the click of a button, shows you a thorough and up-to-date analysis.

Find out more about the many additional features that come with iPool on the following pages: